Solar Specific Features


Solar Logics comes with a built-in solar panel system size and cost calculator. We understand that different solar installers use different methods for calculating the system size. That's why Solar Logics allows you to enter your own technical, geographical, and constructional constraints into the calculator.

Saving Estimator

No matter how many lenders you work with and what states your clients are at, Solar Logics allows you to enter loan and incentive details and uses those figures to estimate the short and long-term savings in the proposal document.


Solar Logics  generates solar energy system proposals based on the results of the calculators. Your proposal includes the charts and tables indicating electricity bill before and after solar installation, savings and incentives, projected payback period, and loan repayment plan breakdown.

CRM Specific Features


Run reports on all aspects of your organization such as marketing, sales, invoicing, payments, sales commissions, activities of users in different roles, and more.

Parts Management

Import or enter a list of your parts and assemblies along with the cost and price of each item. Select the right items for each case. Auto-populate selected parts list in proposal, and invoice your clients accordingly.

Phone Integration

Painlessly integrate your phone system with Solar Logics to receive incoming calls in the CRM or make outgoing calls with a click from any case in CRM, as long as you have a working soft phone on your computer.


Generate invoices based on any of your proposals instantly, and set payment schedules automatically. Solar Logics is integrated with more than 100 payment gateways and executes your scheduled payments on a daily basis.

Rules Engine

Set your own custom rules, create your email and SMS templates, and have Solar Logics execute them for you by sending automated text messages and emails or by executing status and assignment workflows.

User and Team Management

Create users, teams, and roles. Define access rules and permissions for your team members. Monitor your sales personnel and keep track of their activities and performance with our solar CRM software.


Set appointment with your clients, set events and reminders, and control your team members' schedules.

Task Management

Define tasks and assign to your team members. Track the status of the tasks using our task filters and task report.

Lead Distribution

Our robust Lead Distribution tool allows you to create multiple distribution schemas and assign leads to your agents according to a set of criteria.


Go paperless with Logics e-sign. Speed up your sales process by getting agreements signed by your clients, either via email or in person. The process is very simple and quick. Upload your agreement and proposal templates in Logics with all the necessary merge fields and place the signature fields in desired positions inside the documents, only one time. Then you can send the esign request to any client or just open the signature page in front of them in person on any device.


Solar Logics is 100% web-based.
No installation is needed on any device.

You can work with Solar Logics on any device
with any size and on any browser.
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