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5 Marketing Hacks For Your Residential Solar Business.

June 5, 2017

Solar market is experiencing record breaking growth since last year. If you are planning to start marketing activities for your residential solar business then this is the right time. Here are some tips you might want to consider for marketing:

Understand your local market:

To be successful in solar business you should have indepth knowledge of the market, which changes with region. Understanding beliefs and requirements of your local customers is the first step towards a productive marketing.  A lot of companies jump into marketing activities before they really know what their customers want to see, hear or experience. Their efforts are eventually ineffective.

A person living in California will have a different opinion about solar energy than a Utah resident. The difference in opinion can be because of local government policies, weather conditions or the level of awareness. Whatever the reason be, you need to find it out and start working on those lines.

Educate your customers:

Benefits of solar energy over conventional sources of energy like coal, oil and natural gas are proven and globally accepted. You need to convey the same to your customer. Tell them about the long term costs of unstable fuel supplies, their effect on environment, increasing demand and diminishing supply in future and how having solar panels at home for electricity can be a cost effective solution in long term. The more efforts you put in educating customers, the less will be your effort to sell them. So one of your marketing efforts should be for making your customers aware of solar power and its long term financial and environmental benefits.

Start marketing to your neighbours, friends and acquaintance:

Before you start approaching completely unknown people to become your customers it is always better to approach people you already know. You can distribute flyers, ask for references and word of mouth.

Reasons why it is a better approach for your solar company are:

-You will get encouragement, support and confidence.

-You can ask for genuine feedback.

-You may have a bunch of customers which you can use as reference of solar projects you completed.

Nurture your customers:

For any business best source of leads are referrals. Your good work will reflect in number of referrals you get from your customers. If they get good results they will talk about your work which will give you good results at the end. Using a solar CRM can be a good idea to take a good care of your customers.

Build Strategic Partners:

A person or a company who is in a business which is directly or indirectly related to solar can be your strategic partner. Having them on board will extend your business reach. You will get genuine references, solar leads and word of mouth just by sharing a part of the business you get from their leads or giving them incentives for their work. If they are already in business for quite some time you will get the advantage of the trust they have built with local customers and the wisdom they have gained about the market. They will keep you updated about the changing trends of solar market and interest of your prospects. Investing in Strategic partners will ultimately fuel your business. If you are using a solar CRM you can add your partners name in lead source for the solar leads coming from them. This will help you keep track of the revenue they are getting you.