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Here Is Why Stepping Into Solar Industry Is Just The Right Choice.

November 29, 2017

It does not sound strange to many of us that more people are working in the solar industry than oil coal and gas combined now. The reason is the five year steady growth of solar industry. The latest report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) reveals solar industry is providing maximum employments in the Electric Power Generation sector. Solar energy employed 374,000 people over the year 2015-2016, making up 43 percent of the sector’s workforce. So if you are in Solar industry you have already made the right decision and it is the time to gear up for your shining career ahead. If you are planning to jump into solar, there is no reason to look back. Here are the reasons that make solar the right career for you:

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

The Solar Investment Tax Credit which was started in 2006 as a means of supporting and development of solar energy, has strengthened and provided growth to the industry. Initially it was implemented to be utilized for a few years only but in December 2015, Congress voted to extend it till 2023. In the last decade, solar has experienced a compound annual growth rate of more than 60%. Solar prices are expected to continue to fall, leading to increase in solar installations and technological efficiencies. In fact, solar installation is estimated to quadruple by 2020, and the solar workforce is expected to double in the same time period.

Falling Prices of Solar installation.

The cost of solar has been decreasing at a great pace and has dropped by more than 60% over the decade, which resulted in expansion and growth of the industry. The declining cost is attracting home and business owners to switch to solar power. The declining costs will also allow solar companies to provide lucrative incentives and discounts to catch attention of homeowners for solar installation.

Government initiatives.

There is a great scope of cost reduction in soft costs (including labor, supply chain and overhead consideration) associated with solar installation. Government is taking initiatives to control these costs. Under the charge of U.S. Department Of Energy, SEIA and The Solar Foundation are working with cities and countries  to streamline permitting processes and reduce local barriers to solar growth.

Awareness among users.

The environmental awareness spurt in recent times has made people to choose ecofriendly means of living and solar is one of the best sources of clean energy. Moreover people now know that despite the one-time cost, they can save a lot on electricity bills for years. CRM software applications can give a clear estimate to the home owners about the total cost involved, and long term savings after solar installation. ,