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How to generate High quality solar leads?

January 4, 2018

Most Solar businesses end up buying solar leads in a hurry to grow fast and beat their competitors. But that is very costly and not so reliable method for solar leads. They can surely help you a bit but you can not depend on them entirely. There is one proven technique which is to gain referrals.  But even that is not enough.

So how to generate good residential solar leads? Answer is the tools which you already have. Or create them right now if you don’t have it until yet. Here are the tools you need to keep ready to start your solar lead generation campaign:

1: Your website: 

A website is the best platform to showcase your product. It is quite pocket-friendly and serves many purposes. One of them is to generate leads. Now the question is how can you use it to generate leads?

  • Making it searchable in organic search: A search engine optimized website is more likely to be found by searchers who are looking for something that you offer.
  • A clear message: It should give a clear idea of your business. Display your products with right explanation.
  • A clear call to action button. It is very important to make your website interactive. Give your contact number, email id and address. Most importantly provide a prominent call to action button which is clear enough to prompt the visitors to take some action. For example subscribing to newsletters, filling up form contact us form or even buying the product through a website.

2: Your Social Media Page: 

Social media is another common platform to display your products. Its biggest benefit is, it is free of cost. Although you may have to pay some amount if you further go for paid promotion. A well maintained social media page will raise awareness about your business. This is how you can proceed with social media:

  • Showcase your services and offer clearly.
  • Display your logo, punchline and objective if you have any. It creates an image about the company in prospect’s mind.
  • Inform your prospect, clients, relatives and friends about your page through phone after a conversation or through email and invite them to join you on social media.
  • Show your presence by posting regularly, participating in group conversations and responding to others posts.
  • There are ways to invite people to social media itself. Try to have maximum numbers of followers. Please follow guidelines by each social media platform before you invite others or it may attract a penalty as well.
  • Display your social media links on your website, email or other marketing materials.

Once you are done with establishing these tools you may go for paid promotions if you feel the need. A calculated investment in paid promotion may lead to positive ROI. You can try Google Adwords, paid promotions on facebook, linkedin or twitter ( depending upon your requirement), display advertisements etc. Once you have started you can go on with several campaigns like lead generation, referral campaigns or awareness campaigns. All of them will lead to business growth eventually.