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Unbeatable Technique To Skyrocket Your Solar Business

December 19, 2017

The solar market in the United States nearly doubled its annual record, topping out at 14,626 megawatts of solar PV installed last year. Despite few ups and down no doubt it is a profitable industry. With an increase in demand for residential solar, there is an increase in competition too. It can be daunting to get into residential solar pv business with so many competitors in the market.Where am I going to get clients and can I establish and keep growing in this market?”. These are questions many solar professionals have as they start their own solar business or want to grow their existing business. Clearly, there is more than one factor and method to success, but one of the oldest and proven methods for acquiring new clients is client referrals especially in solar business.

Having a good referral system is one of the easiest and pocket-friendly way to increase client base. Be it a big and established solar firm or a startup, a good referral system can act as a magnet to attract clients. New solar professionals can always start with their own references, family, friends and ask them for more references. There are few points to keep in mind, and you can start a highly productive referral system.

1: Be sure about your services: 

You need to build credibility and trust with the customer to make them feel comfortable sharing referrals and recommendations with you. To ask for a referral you need to first deserve to have the referral. Make sure you deliver best in class services, if you feel you are missing out somewhere, try to fill the gap with some discount or value added services to make the customer feel contended. After all, customer satisfaction is the key to success in the service industry. If you are unsure how your customer feels about your services, you can always do a quick survey through email/phone to know your customer’s satisfaction level. Once you are sure you are making your customers satisfied, you can comfortably and confidently ask for referrals.

2: Ask for referral: 

Sales without a referral are just a half job done. Remember, your hesitation or ignorance can make you lose good business prospects. While asking for a referral you can help them in recalling your names by briefly telling them about the services you provide. No matter you made a sale to the customer or not, even if he does not need your services, “You Must Ask For a Referral”. He might know someone who is looking for solar pv installation in their house. At times customers may want to remain anonymous when you call the referral prospect. You should respect their wish and assure them that you will not disclose their names. But most of the time they will not, for genuine referrals.

3: Referral campaigns:

You would have come across many brands giving discounts or cashback for providing referrals or many online websites which offer attractive deals on sending invitations to join. These are the referral campaign that helps to increase your reach and creates a healthy sales funnel. Yes, you need to let out some money in form of discounts and offers, but eventually, it pays off with the bonus.

4: Follow Up: 

If the customer is not able to recall any reference, you can ask for a permission to call back or mail again after few days. And don’t forget to get back to him. Set a reminder. This should be as important as asking for the payment.

5: Express Gratitude: 

At the end, don’t forget to thank them for giving you time and information. They should feel how important and valuable their response is to you.

6: Keep the referral safely: 

Last but not the least, it is very important to keep the contacts you received as referrals safely at one place. The old method is the use excel sheets but using a CRM is a modern and more organized way of keeping your data. If you are using a solar CRM you can enter new prospects from referrals in that. It will keep all the updated information safely with date, time, any progress and content of the conversation. If you don’t have a solar crm yet it is better to consider having one right now.