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Web-Based Solar CRM- A Must Have Tool For Every Residential Solar Company.

August 10, 2017

Looking at the pace solar industry is growing it is quite evident that there is going to be a strong competition within the solar market. It is becoming essential for every residential solar company to keep themselves updated with latest trends and technologies. One of such technologies is CRM software which many solar companies are already using to improve their sales performance. However, the specifications of the CRM software determines the functionality, usability, and scalability of that system for your business. One of the most important specifications is the method of delivery of service, i.e. web-based vs. on-premises.

The Advantage of a web-based CRM is that it is delivered via the internet, unlike regular software applications, which are deployed on-premise. In a web-based solar sales software, users don’t need to install and run the software on their computers or on company’s local server. It will be delivered to their devices anywhere and anytime through a secured connection.

A Web Based CRM is beneficial for all size solar companies due to the scalability of the features.

Below is how it can fuel your growth and streamline your way to productivity:

Saves time and money:

-It reduces and in some cases completely eliminates the need of company’s internal IT infrastructure and resources, which further reduces related operational costs like power, air conditioning, and administration.

-It allows users to pay per their usage.

-There is no installation and setup cost and the service includes free training for your employees.

-These services are managed by the service provider only so it reduces the maintenance cost.

-There is no need to install the software, so applications can be implemented very easily in less time, with minimal administration efforts.

-It makes adding new locations and new users very quick and easy.

-The service is extremely reliable with 99.99% uptime. The connection is always on when the user is on the internet. It saves the time required for maintaining otherwise a  local system.

Updates automatically:

The provider keeps updating the software in terms of performance and features with no involvement of users.

Availability and access control:

-It allows you to work from anywhere.

-Users can be added or removed at any time and their access and permission can be controlled easily

Ensures Security:

-Web based CRMs are secure with regular data backup schedules and provide great recovery plans in case of disaster.

All the above benefits give residential solar professionals a strategic edge over competitors as it allows them to outsource software technology and instead focus on their key business activities and objectives. Although there is no shortcut to success, using a web based crm certainly boosts your business and helps you achieve your goals.